Today’s Women

Who we are

A team of ladies who organise various activities, events and fun evenings throughout the year.

Our aim

To encourage ladies of various ages to get together, have fun and develop as individuals in their gifting and abilities. We desire to help ladies grow in relationships with each other and develop a loving meaningful relationship with God; to find their purpose at home and in life by realising and fulfilling their role in society in the 21st century.

What we do

Organise social evenings, ten-pin bowling, meals etc. Bring in speakers to encourage our ladies in their relationship with God and bring practical help and advice. We travel to conferences and events for ladies, in and around our region, to get inspired to do more for the ladies in our area, and we just enjoy each other, love life, and most importantly love God and try to share His love for us to others.

Today’s Women is led by The Today’s Women Team – Tina, Christine and Rochelle